Alzajel Company Opening

Publish Date : Sunday , 05-Jan-2020

Proudly with Allah's Favor we announce the opening of our company Alzajel Cargo and Freight on 01/01/2020 which specialized in Cargo and Freight operations serving in several countries including (Turkey, Israeli Ports, West Bank, China, Egypt and Jordan).

This company isn’t new born, Actually it’s an extension branch of the old and highly experienced company Alqadisiya for general trading and industries which practice these operations since 1994 and is considered the biggest company of this firm.

As we promise you with the fast, safe and least coast operations we guarantee to do our best to keep this promise and under the slogan we hold “We Deliver As We Promise” which we are committed to for ourselves before our customers, so we ensure our first goal is to give you the best service ever.

In Alzajel we believe the businessman should only think about the source of the goods and our turn is to deliver it safely from the source to his stores directly with no extra routes or any third party companies, our company is solid and our branch offices are working together like a Beehive with no possibility of error or odds so your goods are secured from source to destination directly.

We proudly welcome you to visit our main office in Gaza – Salah Aldine ST – front of Albashayer Hall, Also you are very welcome to take rest and stay at our office in Istanbul – Merter DIST. – Mehmet Nesih ST.

Finally you may visit our website to know more about our services and follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, and sure you are welcome to fill in your contact number to let us call you and give you the best offers ever with full details explanation.