From Turkey to Gaza

Publish Date : Wednesday , 18-Dec-2019

We provide shipping from Turkey to Gaza and our services excellences in:

  1. Free money transfer We use banks only for safely money transfer.
  2. Packaging We gurantee packaging your with best material cartons to be sure it arrives well.
  3. Storage We have a safe and market center storage facility to assure ease and safety for your goods.
  4. Fast Service We deliver as we promise with at least one shippment a week we can gurantee you goods arrive you in a non competitive time.
  5. Variety of payment methods We designed a variety of payment programs to assure it will fit with all kinds of customers and to make it easy for everyone to achieve his success upon our extreme experience.
  6. Source secrecy We know very well what is the competition means to our customers and for this we totally gurantee your source is a big secret that we'll never let anybody else know about.
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